Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Nake Organica Extra Virgin Oil

    Nake Organica Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Nake organica Fresh extra virgin olive oil acidity value is only 0.35%. This makes Nake Organica Olive Oil the best and the finest organic and natural skin and hair care treatment.
    • Nake Organica extra virgin olive oil is made using a process called “first cold pressed”
    • In simpler terms, First: olives are pressed on the first round of extraction.
    • Cold: olive are kept no higher than 81.9 degrees F.
    • Pressed: the method of extraction.It is easy to notice that no heat or chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the olives. Surplus heat and chemical can alter and destroy the flavours and aromas of the olive oil. Without adding heat to the processing, the olive oil also retains its full nutritional value.