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  • Nake Organica Cleaning Mask

    Nake Organica Cleansing Mask

    • Nake organica is 100% pure and natural high-quality face cleansing mask. It contains the following ingredients: Lens Culinary, Honey, Wheat Germ Oil, Ochre, Spirulina, Bentonite, Fuller’s earth, Aqua.
    • NATURAL AND PURE: Nake organica cleansing mask contains high-quality natural ingredients that nourish your skin. See the ingredients below in the product description.
    • Nake organica cleansing mask deeply purifies the skin, removes the grime and the impurities. It also absorbs the excess oil from the face.
    • Apply on your face as per the directions given in the description. It stimulates the circulation and oxygenates your skin.
    • Nake organica cleansing mask helps keep the skin clean and remove all the toxins and pollutants.